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Hamble Valley Brass




Hamble Valley Brass was first conceived as an idea by elder members of the Hamble Area Youth Band (formerly the Hamble Area Schools Band) in the summer of 2001.  These young people felt that their great times and experiences playing together should continue beyond youth band age.


Under the sage baton of their former youth band conductor, a brass ensemble was formed and began rehearsing in a Hedge End church lobby a few Fridays each month.


By 2011 membership of the ensemble had boomed, soundscapes shifted and a motivation to practise, play and perform persistantly was set.  Hamble Valley Brass had become a full brass band and was ready to immerse itself into its communities in a way only a brass band can.


Since then, the band has endeaveoured to boldly ensure the brass band is an open and active accolaid of our shores there for one and all.